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Andrew Stancioff is Senior Associate at Stone Environmental Inc. He is a geologist, natural resource planner, analyst, and manger with over thirty years of experience in geology, hydrology, fisheries, forestry, climatology, and oceanography. He has devoted over two decades to studying the relation between population, poverty and environmental hazards in sub-Saharan Africa.

His efforts include: for six years, to map the geological mineral, hydraulic, and natural resources of Zaire, Guinea, Central Africa, and Mauritania; to manage a USAID-financed remote sensing project to map 200,000 square kilometers in Senegal, and The Gambia for geology, hydrology, vegetation, soils, mineral and environmental degradation; and to develop the terms of reference for structuring a Geographic information system to manage and analyze data of the degradation rate of the Congo Basin.

He is the author of numerous technical bulletins and papers the latest of which is titled "Long Term prospects for Food Security in the Sahel".

Andrew Stancioff's Seminar

Sept 15 2000: The Satellite View: Earth and Soil as a Globe

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