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Born in Pesaro, Italy, Raffaella Lamberti now lives in Bologna, Italy. For fifteen years she was a teacher in history and philosophy for a college prepatory high school in addition to training teachers. She took part in school democratisation movements and partecipates in the foundation of feminism in her country. At the end of the seventies Ms. Lamberti left teaching to create Orlando--an association of women. This milieu of women came together as citizens to constitute (organise) women's places to study and act togheter. The effort is not contentious in so much that it does not rival the achievements of men, but voice the vision and initiatives of women.

The Documentation Research Initiative Women Center is situated in an old palace of the city with a meeting place next to the City Hall. Thousands of people (men and women) meet there. The Center houses one of the best libraries on women in Europe, Orlando's "Hannah Arendt School of Politics" and an Internet Thea Rom providing access to computer and comunication means to women, and in particular young women. The Center also provides a place for small gatherings over several days.

Main initiatives for the Center:

Reasearch groups and periodical meetings (conversations, seminars, international exchanges etc.)

Actions groups: civic presence, immigrants, homeless, nonviolent conflict approach and subsistence programs in the mediterranean area.

Raffella Lamberti's Seminar

Sept 12, 2000: Political Place of Friendship Among Women

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