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Dr. Braham teaches architectural design and courses in lighting and environmental systems in the Department of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He has worked as an architect, lighting designer, planner, and solar energy consultant, investigating the much contested boundary between architecture and technology.

His recent research has addressed the everyday manifestations of environmental technologies, including lighting, daylighting, color, and sustainability.

Articles have included "Upright or Flexible? Ideologies of Posture in Modern Architecture." (with Paul Emmons), "After Typology: Diagrammatic Operations in Architecture," "Erasing the Face: Solar Control and Shading in Post-Colonial Architecture," "Solidity of the Mask: Color Contrasts in Modern Architecture," "A Wall of Books: Natural and Applied Colors in Architecture," "Correalism and Equipoise: Observations on the Sustainable," "Siegfried Giedion and the Fascinations of the Tub," and "What's Hecuba to Him? Kiesler and the Knot."

He has just completed a book titled: Modern Color/Modern Architecture: The Lessons of Amédée Ozenfant's London Project, partly funded by the Graham Foundation.

William Braham's Seminar

Sept 29 2000: The Office Landscape: Examining the natural ecology of the cubicle dweller

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