About We The People

Who We Are

We The People is a membership association led by the former Governor of California and current mayor of Oakland, Edmund G. Brown, Jr., better known as Jerry Brown.

We The People Legal Foundation, Inc. is a c(3) tax deductible, non-profit corporation dedicated to strengthening the practice of democracy and the ability of people to shape the places where they live.

Where We Are

We The People is headquartered in Oakland, California. For more information contact us at 510-836-DARE. Directions to We The People.

What We Do

Through lectures, seminars, and the Radio Show, We The People has brought together philosophers, artists and activists to discuss and plan ways to work change: Bob Thurman talked about Tibet and monasticism, Helen Caldicot and nuclear physicist Ted Taylor discussed the connection between nuclear energy and nuclear weapons, Earth First! reported on their efforts to stop the destruction of ancient redwood groves, former DEA agents told us about government drug involvement, Ina May Gaskin made a presentation on midwifery, Aitken Roshi spoke on Buddhism and peace activism and Ernest Callenbach talked on ecotopia and voluntary simplicity. We also had a study group that met weekly to explore the writings of Martin Buber, the author of I and Thou. Laura Cutler put together a School of Sustainability which offered a five month course in ecological living. Father Matthew Fox spoke on the reinvention of work and conducted a "Techno Mass" as part of his new University of Creation Spirituality. For six weeks in the summer of 2000 and again in the Spring of 2001, philosopher, historian, and social critic, Ivan Illich was a resident scholar. He and his friends and colleagues from around the world held public lectures and seminars on the recovery of civic virtues in modern time called "The Oakland Table."